We are OTR!


The OTR Network was founded and based out of St. Louis, MO and soon to be Los Angeles, CA. The network was created to shine a light on the best the midwest has to offer. Spanning everything from sports to entertainment. We have connected with artists, musicians, actors, wrestlers and local businesses.

Currently, OTR is producing 4 podcasts with more in the horizon coming soon. Among them is the titular 'On The Ropes' Podcast, 'The Art of Cinema' Podcast, the 'Dynamo Pro: Aftershock' After Show and Off The Record. OTR is also producing a web-series, 'Learning, To Go' and a documentary called 'The Undiscovered'. 

In the beginning OTR was just Oscar, Tim, and Ray. A group of friends wanting to share their views and opinions on the world of professional wrestling. Slowly and unplanned the OTR brand began growing and evolving. Dynamo Pro Wrestling was the first to notice and brought us on to develop a show that could bring it's fans exclusive interviews and more. After beginning their working relationship OTR began to grow outside of the United States with the United Kingdom and Tokyo, Japan being their top international listeners! Shortly after, a new show was being developed by Oscar that involved discussions and roundtables based around films and television. That would become The Art of Cinema Podcast. Recently, Ray and Oscar have been marketing to cities outside of St. Louis and creating partnerships with new companies and developing new podcasts and shows like the 'Off The Record' podcast that focuses on musicians and various artists which debuted late July '16.  


Host, Producer, Actor, Director, Writer & Co-Founder / Oscar Rendon
Host, Producer, Manager, & Co-Founder / Ray "DUNS" Dunmire
Host, Producer, Actor / Tim Roth

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