We are OTR!


The OTR Network was founded and based out of St. Louis, MO. The network was created to shine a light on the best the midwest has to offer. Spanning everything from sports to entertainment. We have connected with artists, musicians, actors, wrestlers and local businesses.

Currently, OTR is producing 2 podcasts with more in the horizon coming soon. Among them is the titular 'On The Ropes' Wrestling Podcast, and Off The Record. OTR has also produced a web-series, 'Learning, To Go' and a multiple documentaries. 

OTR started as a podcast and has now been part of major wrestling companies across the Midwest. Dynamo Pro, PWCS, WLW, Glory Pro, Ring of Honor, and Imperial Wrestling Revolution. OTR grew so much within the first year that it created a demand for more content which led to Off The Record USA. A sister site to On The Ropes Network that covers everything from film, tv, music, and pop culture in general. OTR has opened up opportunities for us we never thought possible. Stay tuned and we promise to deliver. 


Host, Producer, Actor, Director, Writer & Co-Founder / Oscar Rendon
Host, Producer, Manager, & Co-Founder / Ray "DUNS" Dunmire
Host, Producer, Actor / Tim Roth