Dynamo Pro: A Night of Goodbyes And Surprises

November 26th, 2016 will forever be known to Dynamo Pro fans as the night Mike Outlaw, Jake Dirden and Ricky Cruz took their final bow for the organization, but also as the night Matt Kenway and Brandon Aarons finally arrived at Dynamo Pro. The first of a string of matches to catch the eye of wrestling fans in attendance last night at The Ready Room in St. Louis, MO was Matt Kenway versus Brandon 'Espy' Espinosa for the MWR Missouri State Championship. Matt Kenway a former student of Espinosa challenged the champion to a match for his prize, the MWR Missouri State Championship. Espy and Kenway had an exhilarating back and forth match that had fans on the edge of their seats. Many points through out the match Kenway targeted the hanf of Espinosa to neutralize Espy's finisher the armbreaker. At many points in the match it seemed the young upstart would defeat his former mentor but before that could happen Espy came back with a fury, determined to beat young Kenway. Espinosa would defeat Kenway by decision. On this night, Kenway proved he could hang with one of the best in the world. 

Later in the night, the match that fans have been following for years. Cruz versus Dirden has been a storied rivalry in Dynamo Pro. Cruz, also a former mentor of Dirden going into battle one last time. Both men knew each other so well that getting the upper hand was difficult but after a series of superkicks from Ricky Cruz he was finally able to defeat the giant. The bell rang and Cruz's hand was held in victory, the locker room flooded the stage to show their respect to both men. Cruz took the mic to announce to the fans that tonight would be his last match in St. Louis as he was retiring. Cruz thanked the fans, the locker room and his wife as he took one last knee in the ring. Shortly after, Dirden took the mic as well to say goodbye as he was leaving Dynamo Pro in pursuit of other opportunities. He thanked Jim and Crystal Yount for giving him a chance at living out his dreams and left the ring a legend in the Dynamo Pro ring.

Last match of the night pitted Brandon Aarons versus the champion Mike Outlaw for the Dynamo Pro Heavyweight title. Aarons a fan favorite has had multiple shots at the Dynamo championship but always came up just a little short. In a match that saw near 3-counts and back and forth action, Aarons shocked the crowd defeating Outlaw to become the new Dynamo Pro Heavyweight Champion. Outlaw took the mic and just like Cruz and Dirden, said his goodbye. Before leaving, the ex champion shook Aarons hand and held it up as a show of respect as Aarons celebrated his victory.