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PWCS presents "Stage Two feat Marti Belle"

The 2018 Pro Wrestling Championship Series is set to be a historic night of action! On the heels of Stage One which featured huge stars, big announcements and a shocking title change, Stage Two is set to be even bigger!

Paco Gonzales shocked PWCS as he captured the Gateway Heritage Championship from Danny Adams, but the time for celebration is over. Paco will have to defend his title against Blacklist leader Matt Kenway. Kenway is out to prove himself and there's no better way to do it than capturing the Gateway Heritage Championship.

The Ego Busters vs Submission Squad main event is a match that has been building for multiple seasons. Ever since their first meeting, Gary Jay and Danny Adams have been building a history of knocking each other out cold. At each meeting, Adams and Jay have managed to KO one another without definitively answering who the better man is. The league has decided this issue will be settled once and for all, in a Last Man Standing match!

Star of Mae Young Classic, Impact Wrestling, and NWL Marti Belle will be in the house as well for a night you don't want to miss!
Ego Busters Vs. Submission Squad Main Event
***Last Man Standing***
Danny Adams (Ego Busters)
Gary Jay (Submission Squad)

Blacklist Vs Resurgence Main Event
***Gateway Heritage Championship***
Paco Gonzales [C] (Resurgence)
Matt Kenway (Blacklist)

Free Agent Showcase
Marti Belle
Rayne Victoria

Also Announced:
Everett Conors
Dom Garrini
Angelus Layne
Mike Outlaw
and more!