Off The Record Coming Soon

On The Ropes Network is proud to announce that due to the much success of Off The Record, Off The Record is building its own website dedicated to sports, music, film, and live events. Off The Record has brought interviews with up and coming bands, actors, and athletes. Not only does OTR have all of that to offer but it also includes exclusive photos from live events like concerts and cons. Off The Record will become a publication, looking for interns to write articles soon. At the helm of this huge undertaking is Oscar Rendon who co-founded On The Ropes Network with Ray Dunmire. This will be a solo venture for Oscar with ties and affiliation still to On The Ropes Network. What that means is that all the content Off The Record has provided in the past couple months will be moved to the new website, that includes articles, photos, interviews and such. What that also means is that certain guests on both shows will be joint with On The Ropes. Already confirmed is one of the stars of Lucha Underground, Karlee Perez who plays Catrina. Off The Record's website will officially launch January 1st, 2017.