PWCS Mega-Ticket Results

Pro Wrestling Championship Series’ December 10th show at the Edwardsville American Legion was nothing short of special. Between the final appearance of Kevin Lee Davidson and the passionate retirement speech of Pierre Abernathy, fan’s at the event went home feeling more than satisfied. Here are the results…

1) “The Millennial” Danny Adams lost to Darin Corbin after a vicious gingerSNAP.

2) Brandon Espinosa, who was brought in by Greg Jovi specifically for this match, defeated the exiting Kevin Lee Davidson. Espinosa wore his high school letterman jacket to dig at Kevin’s NWL name Todd Letterman. The match itself was full of intensity with Espinosa’s head almost going through the ceiling. Through all the fight that KLD dished out, it just wasn't enough. Espinosa hit the brain buster and it was over for Espy’s former student. After the match, Espy called for a mic. Espinosa thanked Kevin for recognizing that Espy was a teacher to Kevin and wanted to offer his letterman jacket to show his appreciation. As we know now, that was all a ploy to attack KLD after the match. Espy continued the vicious attack until Paco came out for the save. 

3) Continuing with the action, Everett Connors defeated “The War Horse” Jake Parnell. Another high intensity matchup, concluding with Connors getting the pin-fall. This match also contained the devastating event of the night. Justin Bieber took a devastating chop that tore him to pieces… literally.

4) Adrian Surge defeated Paco, Austin Blackburn, and Mike Outlaw. Some say Greg Jovi had a hand in Surge getting the victory, but as we were sitting ringside, we did not see any wrong doing on Jovi’s part. After the match, Mike Outlaw left a bandana in the ring. Most wrestlers leave a piece of them in the ring when they retire to symbolize that they left it all on the mat. Going forward, what does this mean for Mike Outlaw. Was it a symbol of the end of a career, or just the end of his team season at PWCS?

5) Arik Cannon defeated “The Dirty Rook” Matt Fitchett. 

6) Angelus Layne defeated “The Primal Prodigy” Matt Kenway (Look at Him). 

7) Evan Gelistico and Makaze were defeated by Jake Dirden and Davey Vega. Vega got the roll up after Even Gelistico super kicked his partner Makaze. 

8) Gary Jay defeats Pierre Abernathy in Pierre’s final match in the Saint Louis area. After the match, Pierre gave a heartfelt goodbye speech. 

9) Jake Dirden, Adrian Surge, Brandon Espinosa, and Danny Adams defeat Paco, Matt Fitchett, Davey Vega, and Jason Roberts for the EgoBusters to win the PWCS Championship. 


From start to finish, the whole show was exhilarating and non stop action. Check out PWCS at the links below and make sure to give them a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter!


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