Saint Louis Wrestling

2017 will be huge for Saint Louis and the independent wrestling community that surrounds it. You may ask why, and we will tell you. Let's start with the end of 2016, where a lot of flourishing companies ended on a high note. PWCS ended strong with the EgoBusters winning the 2016 PWCS championship, Dynamo Pro ended their year with 3 phenomenal matches and a brand new champion, and we also saw an amazing finale for Saint Louis Anarchy. 

Looking closer into the end of 2016, we saw the end of the road for some. We saw the last matches of Pierre Abernathy, Ricky Cruz, and Jake Dirden. While Jake Dirden will still be in the ring under the name Jack Foster, Pierre and Ricky have decided that it was the end of their time in the ring. After everything that Pierre gave to the fans over the last 10+ years of his in ring career, he wanted to go out with a bang and a match against his best friend, Gary Jay. Ricky Cruz ended his career in Dynamo Pro against his long time rival, Jake Dirden, who was also in his last match with the company. With the few departures we saw, we also saw some new faces stealing the spotlight. Matt Kenway has been around for a little over a year now, but he shined the spotlight on himself when he got the opportunity to face former trainer Brandon "Espy"Espinosa for the MWR Missouri State Championship for Dynamo Pro. Someone else who has proven himself as a shining star in the area is Danny Adams. While Danny has been around for a while now, he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Danny Adams had two amazing matches at PWCS in December. While he lost to Darin Corbin in the first match, he brought back the vengeance and came back to win the PWCS Championship for the EgoBusters. The next test for Danny Adams is when he goes up against Colt Cabana at the first PWCS show in the first round of the Saint Louis Invitational on January 21st in Alton, IL. To get tickets for that event, head over to

While we have many well established companies in the area, there are two more set to make a debut in 2017. First, Glory Pro, the brainchild of former Ring Of Honor World Champion Michael Elgin. Elgin is extremely passionate about professional wrestling and that is very clear when you look at what Glory Pro has put out and what they will do on their debut in February 2017. From Danny Adams Vs Ethan Page to the first 6-way Chaos Match, the fans will be on the edge of their seats with excitement. Be sure to check them out on twitter at 

Another debut for 2017 is NWL. The National Wrasslin League has set out to bring back the inner city rivalry between Saint Louis and Kansas City. So far, NWL has done huge things by signing some of the hottest talents to date. Todd Letterman, Jack Foster, and Dez Wellston are sure to make an impact in Saint Louis, while Kansas City will use Dak Draper, Ken Dharma, and Blaine Meeks to try to survive the fight against the superior city. The talents just listed are just some of the few that the NWL has acquired to their star-studded roster. Although we have yet to see a show from NWL, we are looking forward to what they will bring to the Casa Loma Ballroom every other Thursday Night. You can also catch them in Kansas City every other Saturday at The Scottish Rite Temple. 

While we can all agree that 2017 will be a huge year for Saint Louis wrestling, just know that there is a show for you. Go out and find the right one for you. Get out there and enjoy what the Saint Louis wrestling scene has to offer and find the show that sparks your interest!

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