EXCLUSIVE: Learning, To Go - Official Trailer

Check out the official first trailer for the Web Series 'Learning, To Go'.

"Learning, To Go" is the story of Jay, a displaced millennial lost in the absurdity that has become his world. From trying to get laid to getting laid off, Jay makes friends, enemies, and countless pizzas. You won't be saying "NO" to this!

Executive Producers: Aaron Landgraf & Oscar Rendon
Director: Aaron Landgraf
Director of Photography: Jesse Bader
Assistant Director: Oscar Rendon
Boomflap and Set Guru: Tyler Hawthorne
Editors: Jesse Bader & Aaron Landgraf
Writers: Aaron Landgraf & Oscar Rendon

Billy Mikoliza
Joanna Ferbrache
Matthew Sherry
Richard Ulrich
Marshall White
Cassandra Chandler
Scarlett O'Shaughnessy
Kalen Riley

Special thanks to:

The Live Juke Joint Dueling Piano Bar
7376 Manchester Rd, Maplewood, MO 63143

The Waiting Room
10419 St. Charles Rock Rd, St. Ann, MO 63074

Canon, Zeiss, Color Finale, Blackmagic, Regular Magic, R.L. Hahn, Friends and Family, and a Whole Lot of Luck.

Oscar Rendon