Future of Dynamo Pro Aftershock on OTR Network?!

As of the beginning of 2016 it was announced that On The Ropes Network would be relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Since then, the future of some of our shows have been up in the air. Particularly the Dynamo Pro Aftershock! After Show. Dynamo Pro Aftershock was the first of many shows to be a great addition to the Network. Aftershock has brought us some of the best entertainment with such talents like Mike Outlaw, The Bum Rush Brothers (Outtkast & Shorty Biggs), 'Dirdey' Jake Dirden, and even Ring Of Honor's Delirious. Well we are pleased to announce that although you wont hear the voices of Oscar Rendon or  'The Bearded Brute' Ray Dunmire, the OTR Network will still be the host of Dynamo Pro Aftershock. The OTR Network will be taking more of a producer and editor role in the show. The partnership with Dynamo Pro Wrestling is one we are proud of and one we want to continue to keep even after our move to the west coast. In the coming weeks, OTR and Dynamo Pro will be searching for a new host and media team to replace Oscar and Ray in December. 

If you are interested in entering the world of pro wrestling in a media capacity, contact Dynamo Pro or us (OTR) by emailing ontheropespodcast@gmail.com

Oscar Rendon