Karlee Perez Coming To The On The Ropes Network

The OTR Team would like to officially announce that actress, model and wrestler Karlee Perez AKA 'Catrina' of Lucha Underground and FKA 'Maxine' on WWE will be the first guest of 2017 for the On The Ropes Network. We are happy to welcome Karlee into the OTR Family and cannot wait to talk to her in January. Karlee is one of the most sought after talents coming off the heels of a successful Season 2 of Lucha Underground. With Lucha Underground gearing up for Season 3, we cannot wait to see what Karlee's character 'Catrina' has in store for us and the Temple. Karlee Perez is one of the more interesting individuals and talented, Oscar Rendon will have the honor of speaking to her in January as On The Ropes Network relocates to Los Angeles, CA. Here is what Oscar had to say about this huge announcement.

Karlee Perez as ' Catrina ' on  Lucha Underground

Karlee Perez as 'Catrina' on Lucha Underground

"First off, the fact that On The Ropes Network has been able to reach so many people in the short time that we've been up and running is amazing. The response from listeners, viewers and readers has been humbling. I have been a fan of Karlee for sometime, going back to her time in NXT and my admiration for her has grown even more since her breakout role in Lucha Underground. I don't know what we'll talk about, what I do know is that we are going to have fun and we hope that our audience see that come across. So far they have been very vocal about who they want to hear on our shows and who are we not to comply. Definitely I want our interview with Karlee to feel like a conversation and I hope we can show a different side to her that fans don't usually get to see as Catrina. I am super honored and can't wait."  

Ray Dunmire, Founder of On The Ropes Network was also excited about Karlee Perez and the move to LA. 

Photo: Karlee Perez

Photo: Karlee Perez

"We have worked very hard to get guests fans want to listen, see, or read about. St. Louis, MO will always be home to us and we will always credit our success to Jim and Crystal Yount who gave us a chance and helped us along the way! To have Karlee a part of any of our shows is a honor in and of itself. We can say that that our interview with Karlee will be on both our Off The Record and On The Ropes Wrestling shows. For our wrestling and entertainment listeners, you can't go wrong with either."

Karlee Perez will be joining us this January in 2017 with a date/time TBD but stay updated with everything going on with our social media, but that doesn't mean you have to wait long to see Karlee as she will reprise her role of Catrina on season 3 of Robert Rodriguez's produced (Sin City, Grindhouse, & Machete) Lucha Underground.

Season 3 of Lucha Underground premieres September 7th, 8 PM ET on the El Rey Network. 

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