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AAW Wrestling

With a new year comes new goals, those goals being traveling in search of new and great wrestling promotions showcasing the best in independent wrestling. Talking with other wrestling fans, AAW Pro always came up. It was a short trip to Chicago and the cards were always intriguing to us. On December 30th we trekked the cold weather up north to catch the last AAW show of 2016. 

We arrived at 115 Bourbon Street and we had only been 15 minutes late after doors opened but we quickly realized that there was no where to sit and standing room only was the way to go. At the end of it all we didn't care, the matches from start to end were better and better. We witnessed some of the most spectacular matches we had ever seen live, on TV or anywhere else. We were blown away from the 4-way match between Michael Elgin, Paco, Mat Fitchett, and Desmond Xavier. We were witness to the top rope collapsing in the middle of Chris Hero's and Pentagon Jr's match, and said goodbye to Heidi Lovelace and Kimber Lee.  

On The Ropes is glad to have been a part of the first show of 2017 in Lasalle, IL which saw another insane, high octane match between Fenix and Elgin in what can only be described as match of the night, main event caliber, match of the year contender!

If you are ever in the Chicago or Lasalle area and AAW is putting on a show, buy your tickets fast or they will be gone and you will regret not doing it sooner!

For tickets visit http://aawrestling.com