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After two years of steady growth, OTR Network has begun to find success in the world of not only professional wrestling but of entertainment and pop culture. The high demands of providing quality news, coverage, photos, and videos has us asking, we need help. For the longest time OTR Network has been run and operated by us, Oscar Rendon and Ray Dunmire. Traveling across the country covering shows, events, concerts, and cons has taken a toll not only on us but has affected how much we can deliver and cover for you the readers, viewers and listeners. We have prided ourselves in always providing the best we have to offer whether it be interviews audio or video, photography, wrestling coverage, film and tv reviews and so much more. Now we ask that you help us grow the Network. We are looking for people who are dedicated and passionate about pro wrestling, film, tv, music and more. 

Now, we know what you're going to ask, "does it pay?", No. As of now we do not have a steady income to pay anyone, including ourselves. We do this because we believe one day we can make a living doing what we love but in order for that to happen we must grow beyond two people. So, here is what we can provide. Guaranteed access to designated events for on assignment coverage. For example, our sister site Off The Record USA is currently being flooded with openings at covering live concerts for review/photo and interview opportunities. There are also possible traveling opportunities for special events such as Wrestlemania, Comic Cons, and Premieres. We can't know our limit until we can form a dedicated team of people looking to get into the entertainment industry. We are on the cusp of something truly great with On The Ropes Network and Off The Record USA, we see the vision for the future and we see OTR.      - Oscar

Below are job listings, positions we are looking to fill ASAP, please fill out the form at the bottom if you believe you are right for the position. We will try to schedule interviews to find the best fit for our team. Thank you very much for your continuing support. 


  1. Concert Reviewer - Off The Record USA 
  2. Concert Photographer - Off The Record USA
  3. Interviewer (audio, written or video) - Off The Record USA
  4. Wrestling Show Reviewer - On The Ropes
  5. Wrestling Articles (Writer) - On The Ropes


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