OTR checks out Compound Pro Wrestling

CPW 14.jpg

Compound Pro Wrestling has been on our radar for a couple of months now, and last weekend we finally had the opportunity to head down to Tulsa, OK for their show, "Beast Mode" featuring Dan "The Beast" Severn. The show was stacked with amazing talent from many places. Saint Louis' own High Level Enterprise in singles action. The show also featured home-grown talent, like Michael Wolf, and the Top Level Talent in former WWE superstars Kenny and Mikey of The Spirit Squad. 

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The night started off hot with Nathan Estrada and Latrell Upton winning the Compound Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions from The Squad, Kenny and Mikey. Being unaware of some of the talent that Compound Pro has to offer, i have to say that the tag team of Nathan Estrada and Latrell Upton impressed me from the beginning. The charisma and upbeat style they had was amazing. I can't see those Tag Team Championships leaving their sides anytime soon. The night progressed on with a triple threat match between Jack Gamble, Kirk "Cha Cha" Chalmers, and an odd character by the name of Morrison. Gamble and Chalmers tore it up during the match, but when it came down to the last moments, Morrison stole the three count from Gamble.  The best crowd reaction of the night has to go to Joe Cuedo. Joe put up a great fight with Dimitri Alexandrov and the crowd was behind him 10,000%. Even with the huge support of the crowd, at the end of the day only one man could walk out the victor. At the end of this match, Dimitri stood tall with the victory over Joe Cuedo. Next up, we saw the team of Kikutaro and Psycho Sawyer defeating Duke Swellington and Armin Syzlack. The match of the night for the OTR crew was Compound Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Michael Wolf taking on Jon Webb. These two guys went out to the ring and stole the show. Webb gave the Heavyweight Champion a run for his money but at the end of it, Michael Wolf proved why he deserves the championship around his waste. The main event of the evening featured Dan Severn taking on Brian Breaker. This match up was back in fourth until The Beast locked in an ankle lock causing Brian Breaker to submit. 

The atmosphere of Compound Pro Wrestling was amazing. The fans were behind the show from beginning to end and never missed a beat. The next Compound Pro Wrestling show features NJPW and Lucha Underground star Jeff Cobb, former TNA star DJZ, and all of your favorite Compound stars. Check them out December 16th at the Perfect Practice Athletic Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma.