Wizard World Chicago: The Hardy Boyz set their sights on Ambrose & Rollins?

WWCCC Day 2 2.jpg

Wizard World is always a fun time for the guests as much as it is for the fans attending the comic con in Chicago. This weekend saw some of the WWE's elite superstars come to the "Windy City" and interact with their fans. Two of those superstars were the brother tag team of the legendary Hardy Boyz.

WWCCC Day 2 8.jpg

The Hardys participated in a Q+A panel and their recent match with the new RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose came up. Matt Hardy mentioned he would like to have a 'Best of 7' series with the tag champs, comparing them to the decorated tag team of Edge & Christian. Since the two teams faced off on Monday Night Raw, it could be a possibility that the next program Rollins & Ambrose work could be against Matt & Jeff Hardy.

Matt also talked about how the character evolution of the Hardy's could be changing in the near future, teasing the 'Broken Universe' Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. The Young Bucks also came up in the conversation as one of the tag teams the Hardy's respect. Time will tell if the 'Broken Universe' will ever come to fruition in the WWE but for now fans are glad that the Hardy Boyz are back in the WWE.

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