OTR Announce the Launch of Women's Wrestling Documentary


It was announced in December of 2017 that Oscar Rendon had plans for several documentary films/series involving professional wrestling. We decided to take that info and create a poll on twitter to see what type of documentary our readers, viewers and listeners wanted to see. The vote was won by a landslide as you voted for a documentary on the rise of women's wrestling. Shortly after we asked you the people to help us decide who should be part of such a special project. In the past few days efforts have been made to reach out to several women in hopes of participating in this documentary. Before we can make any official announcements on who will be involved we are still contacting many more to help round out this film and give it fresh and multiple perspectives. So far this is what we can release to the public about the film.

1. The project will film in the course of a year. Filming is set to start as early as late March of 2018. 

2. The story will be surrounding the rising popularity of Women's Wrestling. 

3. The story will follow 3 types of women: Rookie, Veteran, and Retired. Reason for this is to capture the full picture of the topic at hand.

Our goal in all of this is to capture candid moments on and off the road. What it means to be a woman with power in an industry that much like others wasn't always that way. To share the passion for this business these women have and in the midst of this discover an answer to the question "When was the Women's Revolution?" Was it long before the term 'Women's Revolution'? Was it as recent as a few years ago when we could hashtag it all over social media and make people take notice? Or, has it always been there? Quietly climbing up into the front to take the spotlight. I guess you'll have to watch this film when it's released to take that ride with us. 

Stay tuned tomorrow as we announce the narrator of the film! Thank you for your support, and if you didn't know, this entire film is being funded at an extremely low budget. Just enough for cameras, mics, and lights which when filming a documentary is all you need. The film is being directed by Oscar Rendon who is currently finishing up a short-film documentary set to be released this April.