Cemetery Sun EP - Review

Cemetery Sun

Cemetery Sun

Cemetery Sun is a five piece band made up of Josh Doty (singer), Austen Butler (drummer), Elliot Polokoff (guitarist, producer), Jesse Mancillas (lead guitar) and Matt Scarpelli (bassist) from Sacramento, CA. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending a show where Cemetery Sun were on tour in support of Vinyl Theatre and Finish Ticket in St. Louis, MO. First, I was amazed at the fact that some members of the band took the time to talk to the people in line waiting to get in. Second, once their set begun I couldn't help but to go immediately to iTunes and hope for some music. Only 2 singles but alas we have the official EP. 

1. Fake Love

Off the bat, the simple beat/2 note intro has a build. Hoping it pays off and it does as a swell of electric and rock sound hits your ears with no apologies. The lyrics paint a good picture of an emotion or feeling one has. "Hard drugs, Fake Love it's a sensation, makes one hell of a collaboration". The singing from Josh is executed in fast pace while still carrying that emotion of confusion and anger. The drums elevate the sound, creating an atmosphere suited better for a stadium show.

2. E.Y.T.Y.K.

E.Y.T.K.Y. is the softest of the songs, with a slower intro. You can definitely hear that dark place the band goes to. Simple is sometimes the best route to go and Josh does it best with his effortless voice. The bass keeps the beat and really follows great throughout the song.

3. Sleeping It Off

As soon as the song starts you feel this great dance anthem lift you off your feet. The guitar puts you in the groove and the background vocals help create it haunting but bright. The chorus is sweet, simple and cuts to the bone. From beginning to end you just want to sing along to Josh's infectious voice, jumping and dancing in a club with an array of color lights flashing on the dance floor. Sleeping It Off would make the perfect summer anthem. 

4. Diamonds 

Diamonds truly allows Josh to play with his voice giving the song an R&B feel that you could easily hear from a top-selling R&B artist. The electro beat in the back gives it a soulful sound. One of the more underrated songs but will become a favorite among fans of Cemetery Sun.

The Grade

Overall, Cemetery Sun released a very strong EP and one hopes that a full length album is coming soon that brings just as much passion and amazing technical ability from the group of 5. Cemetery Sun EP = A-

Catch Cemetery Sun on tour this winter with The Struts and visit cemeterysunband.com for more tour info and updates. Purchase the EP now on iTunes and Googleplay