La Estrella: Sexy Star

In 2004, Sports Entertainment company WWE held a women's match as the main event for their flagship show Monday Night Raw. Trish Stratus and Lita would end the show for the Women's Championship. Truly the first revolutionary moment in the world of professional wrestling in the mid 2000's. Since then, not much has changed for the better. Sure, Sasha Banks and Charlotte have both gone to main event Raw or even have the very first Hell In A Cell match this past October. But was it truly revolutionary? Without taking that accomplishment away from the two great talents, was that really a revolutionary moment for women in the wrestling industry? Some say it was, praising the women's efforts, others calling the match a publicity stunt. Taking away the outside chatter of fans and analysts the match left something to be desired. Earlier in the night previous to their historic match, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins had an amazing match and one that most fans would have called the true main event and the best Hell In A Cell match of the night. 

Something was missing. Even after a historic match where both women put their bodies, and well being on the line the match left something to be desired. It was not as exciting as Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens match, was not as hard hitting and impactful like Roman Reigns and Rusev's match. Fast forward to a couple weeks later. November 16th, 2016 Lucha Underground aired one of the most talked about moments in wrestling history to date when Lucha Underground star Sexy Star captured the Lucha Underground Championship. Only in season 3, Lucha Underground has become the alternative to the conventional wrestling product that most fans know. Adding elements of supernatural and aztec mythology to their program, it has become a tv destination for wrestling fans. One of the more unique attractions to the show, other than being produced by talked about director Robert Rodriguez is the fact that Women can wrestle the Men. This decision by the show has brought some controversy. Some believing it promotes violence against women, others however have stood up for the decision. Watching the show one would know that these women are no damsels in distress. These women hold their own against the men, some of these women include Ivelisse who has also wrestled for the Lucha Underground Championship, Karlee Perez aka Catrina one of the more popular female characters on the show, Taya and the fore mentioned Sexy Star.

Since her debut in Lucha Underground, Sexy Star (Dulce Garcia) has predominantly been in feuds with male competitors. Her most notable feud being with Johnny Mundo aka John Hennigan fka as WWE Superstar John Morrison. Sexy Star has proven to fans and colleagues alike that the women are just as tough, in fact sometimes tougher. Lucha Underground has not been afraid to show the world that in their promotion, women do not get special treatment and have to work just as hard as the men. The result, Sexy Star becoming the first world champion for a company that is not strictly a women's wrestling promotion and gives women the equality they have earned and deserve. Sexy's Star is rising and sooner rather than later she will become a household name around the world. Unfortunately, Sexy Star has since lost the LU Championship to Johnny Mundo. Time will tell what the future holds for this amazing athlete who has inspired countless little girls and women to follow their dreams.