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Civil Youth

Civil Youth

All the way from the city of "Brotherly Love" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we had the opportunity to speak with indie band Civil Youth. Throughout the course of the interview we spoke about coming up as a band, creating their music, what they do on days off and much more. The conversation can be heard here, only on Off The Record. 


Civil Youth (BIO)

What started as an outlet for lead singer, Michael Kepko, to express his anxiety and depression while living in Boston, has evolved into a cultural movement backed by a community of thousands of supporters who identify with Civil Youth’s lyrics and music. Civil Youth inhabits each stage with light-up drum solos, crowd chanting, instrument swaps, and stage acrobatics. Between heavy guitar riffs, and poetic rapping, fans of all ages can find a way to connect with Civil Youth. Within a year, Civil Youth has surpassed the caliber of “local band”, and has established their name across the United States.

Civil Youth as of today are finishing up their headlining tour 'The Evolution Tour' in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just a couple hundred miles from their home base in Philly. Just announced today Civil Youth will be opening up for A Day To Remember, All Time Low and Blink-182 on Monday September 5th @ The Atlantic City Beach. So it is not too late to catch them if you plan on it, so get your tickets now!

For more info, news, music and tour updates on Civil Youth you can visit their website at www.civilyouth.com and on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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