Karlee Perez "The Queen" of Lucha Underground!

Lucha Underground has become the new alternative to professional wrestling. In just two years and 2 seasons with a third looming the Lucha Libre series has garnered much attention thanks to the storytelling, production value, cinematography, and talent. With such renowned performers like Johnny Mundo, Mil Muertes, Prince Puma, and Rey Mysterio. There is one name that has transcended those and that name is Catrina.

Karlee Perez as ' Catrina'  on  Lucha Underground

Karlee Perez as 'Catrina' on Lucha Underground

Karlee Perez is the woman who has brought life to the character of 'Catrina' on Lucha Underground. If Karlee looks familiar to you then maybe it's because you have seen her before on WWE Programming just a few years prior to her break out role in Lucha Underground. Karlee has prided herself in being a creative force to be reckoned with which is why in 2012 she left the WWE in pursuit of bigger opportunities. Two years later that opportunity came knocking in the form of Lucha Underground. In the time between WWE and Lucha Underground Karlee has transitioned into a formidable force in the world of acting and modeling. 

As Catrina, Karlee has garnered great praise from fans and critics alike. When Karlee is on screen she transforms into the "Queen of Death" and a dominant female lead in a show filled with some of the most athletic and physically built men. As Catrina, you believe her strength and power and those characteristics are all Karlee. The amount of attention to detail Karlee puts in this character is some of the best television you can't find just anywhere. From a glance to a grin, she commands the screen and stands tall. There aren't many women let alone Latina women in the entertainment business cast as empowered female leads, in fact there might not even be a handful. Karlee joins the ranks of Gina Rodriguez from Jane The Virgin (CW), America Ferrera Superstore (NBC) and the diverse cast of Orange Is The New Black (Netflix).

Karlee Perez

Karlee Perez

Among being a rising actress, and setting aside the devious actions her character Catrina imposes on her enemies, Karlee the person is someone people can look to for inspiration. Being a member of the Latin community, Karlee has broken down barriers and has proven that talent will out shine the rest every time. Seeing a woman of color on television or film be the main focus gives hope to a community that there are jobs in the industry for hispanic actors/models. Karlee only focus' on the positive and only looks forward when it comes to her career, whether it be in the ring or on the big or small screen. We hope to talk to Karlee soon so she her self can take us through her crazy, amazing, wild, adventurous journey. We see nothing but a bright future for this star as she takes the world by storm. 

You can catch Karlee Perez as the sinister Catrina on Robert Rodriguez' Emmy nominated show Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. 

You can follow Karlee on Social Media @KarleeLeilani on Twitter and Instagram.

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