Interview: Ivelisse Velez (Lucha Underground)

On the 64th episode of OTR Wrestling Pod the guys minus Tim talk about IWR's Souled Out 4 Life and Glory Pro's Something Wicked. Also on the show, Lucha Underground star Ivelisse talks working Gail Kim for the first time, Lucha Underground, injuries, training, and a message to the future women of professional wrestling. 

  • 00:00 - Intro/Weekend talk (IWR/Glory Pro)
  • 20:00 - Best & Least Favorite Moments
  • 40:00 - Interview with Ivelisse Velez

Interview: Jerry Bostic & Dustin Jones (Imperial Wrestling Revolution)

On the 61st episode of OTR the guys sit down with the COO's of Imperial Wrestling Revolution. In this exclusive interview we learn the humble beginnings of IWR, the expansion the owners have in mind and the empire that they are growing rapidly in just 3 years. We also talk about the much anticipated weekend of October 7th when Oklamania II heads to Ardmore, Oklahoma. 

Oklamania II takes place Saturday October 7th, 2017 at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.
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Interview: The Professionals (Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby)

After 59 episodes of the On The Ropes Wrestling Podcast, The Professionals Shawn Santel and Mauler McDarby finally make their debut on the show and discuss getting into the business of professional wrestling, and a first on the show, we speak political views, Jim Cornette and more!

Interview: Jonny Loquasto

On the 58th episode of OTR Wrestling Podcast we sit down with actor, comedian, podcast host, and wrestling commentator Jonny Loquasto. While enjoying a slice of deep dish pizza from Gino's East in Chicago, IL we talk about Jonny's beginnings in comedy, wrestling, the state of wrestling today and of course... Roman Reigns. We discuss all that and more on this episode of On The Ropes Wrestling Podcast. 

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Interview: Cody Rhodes

On the 57th episode of On The Ropes Wrestling Podcast, Oscar and Duns discuss Glory Pro's War of the New Age (recap) and also, we sit down with the HOTTEST free agent currently in professional wrestling, former WWE superstar and current ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes. We discuss him becoming a world champion, DC or Marvel, his match with Michael Elgin in Glory Pro and ventures outside of wrestling. Tune in for a can't miss episode of OTR Wrestling Podcast.

Interview: Mike Outlaw

On the 56th EP of OTR Wrestling Podcast we finally get the man himself, Mike Outlaw. We talk about growing up watching wrestling, how his REAL name practically geared him to the path of professional wrestling, new names of STL guys in NWL, NWL STL uproar and more. This is a laugh out loud (fun) can't miss episode. 

Interview: Jay Lethal

On the 55th episode of the OTR Wrestling Podcast, Ray and Oscar discuss the week in wrestling. Discussions include Carmella winning MITB, Cody Rhodes becomes ROH World Champion and their 'Young Bucks Story'. Special guest for the show is none other than former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal who discusses his early years in TNA, meeting and working with Ric Flair, the support of his parents and winning the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. 

Interview: Dalton Castle

On the 54th episode of the OTR Pod the trio react to the Money In The Bank PPV after attending the event LIVE in St. Louis. You get immediate thoughts and opinions from the guys. Also on the show, we sit down with a pants less Dalton Castle and talk about Oregon Trail... yes you read correctly and the euphoric journey he took to find the Dalton Castle persona and more.  

Interview: Matt Kenway Returns... Again!

Episode 53 of OTR brings the return of Matt Kenway for the 3rd time on the show! In this fun conversation between three friends they discuss Matt's progression as a professional wrestler, making the long trips to various promotions around the country and working for Michael Elgin and his new promotion Glory Pro. Sit back, relax and pop in for this fun conversation.

Extreme Rules 2017 Results, Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion and Much More!

On the 51st episode of On The Ropes Wrestling Podcast, Oscar and co-hosts Ray Dunmire and the returning Tim Roth discuss Extreme Rules 2017 results/aftermath. Also, Tim talks about Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion yay or nay? Lastly, we give our Money In The Bank predictions when WWE rolls into our city of St. Louis! Are we betting on our hometown hero Randy Orton? Or, is it Jinder's time to shine? Tune in and find out.

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Interview: Rey Mysterio Jr (Lucha Underground)

50 episodes of On The Ropes Wrestling podcasts and we saved the biggest guest for such occasion. Former WWE & WCW cruiserweight champion, Intercontinental Champion, WWE & WCW Tag Team Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion. His accolades speak for themselves and we sat with him C2E2 weekend to talk some Lucha Underground, evolution of his career to becoming a mentor and more. 

Interview: Melissa Santos & Vampiro (Lucha Underground)

On the 47th episode of On The Ropes Wrestling Podcast, Oscar rides solo as he discusses the Roman Reigns topic. Glory Pro: United Glory on May 26th. Oscar and Ray sit down with Melissa Santos and Vampiro 2 of the voices of Lucha Underground and chat about the last half of season 3, Vamps new hair, the evolution of Lucha Underground and Melissa's least favorite person... Marty 'The Moth' Martinez.